Our objective is to offer guarantees and build confidence in merchants, hoteliers and neighbors.

We want to show that the rural world is an opportunity for development and we represent an unbeatable showcase to promote our area.

ACACTUR Association

ACACTUR was born to drive and promote a model of sustainable, quality and efficient tourism and trade for the Aranda Region.

The Association works to improve the quality and competitiveness of tourism companies and businesses in the territory, offering information services, advice, training, promotion of tourism products, marketing support


Get to know some of the outstanding local businesses in our region within the hospitality industry, hotel sector, etc.

Our work

The ACACTUR initiative,promoted thanks to the subsidy that the Government of Aragon has granted us to promote and energize tourism in the territory, takes a very important step for the union of the hotel industry in the Region, since it aims to bring together the associates to pool interests and proposals in order to generate new sustainable tourism products.

Latest news

Keep up to date with the latest trends, tips and recommendations from our Region.


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