We manufacture the most irresistible, durable and comfortable footwear.

We are footwear manufacturers for brands, designers and companies looking for a quality product that can differentiate their proposal in the market.

We don't fail

We work with the highest quality products and reliable suppliers. Your order is delivered on time and with all the guarantees.

You get an unmistakable product

We are experts in the Billy stitching technique. You offer a different and more attractive product to your customers.

We are family businesses and knowledge

We are the union of the knowledge and experience of one of the areas of Spain with the greatest shoemaking tradition.

Footwear manufacturers association

The Zaragoza and Province Footwear and Related Manufacturers Association (AFCYA) brings together most of the companies in the footwear sector in Aragon. Our mission is to promote the intercommunication of companies associated with government institutions in terms of aid, development plans, research and agreements favorable to the sector.

We are the land of footwear

In the region of Aranda (Aragon) lies the know-how for the manufacture of quality and handcrafted footwear since the s. XVII. We are the witness of many generations of shoemakers.


We saw the birth of the first handmade sandals

Footwear has marked the history and development of the province of Zaragoza. In 1606 there is evidence of the production of the first handmade sandals in Brea de Aragón. The traditional methods we apply are the seal of quality that your catalog needs.


We saw modern footwear grow

In 1864 the Sociedad de Artesanos y Socorros Mutuos was founded, the first in Aragón and the second in Spain. Aragon became the cradle of modern footwear. Our designs are an example of avant-garde and respect for traditions.


We become a model of quality and innovation

In 2002, Brea de Aragón founded its Footwear Museum, a space dedicated exclusively to footwear, its history, its traditions and the industry that was organized around it, making clear the importance of craftsmanship in our region.

We make your product to measure

What do you need?

We produce complete catalogs based on your designs. We offer traditional techniques to achieve higher quality shoes, but observing the trends and proposals that you make to us.

Looking to offer a different product?

If your customers demand uniqueness, you can offer them the kind of footwear that makes a brand stand out for its quality in the market.

Technical experts
Billy Stitching

We manufacture footwear using the centuries-old Billy Stitching technique.

This method consists of folding the cut to the outside. Finally, the stitching goes through the sole, which is completely exposed as a fine styling detail.

With this method of stitching, which is the oldest known method, we make our products stand out for their quality, durability, flexibility and comfort.

We design all types of shoes (boots, sandals, avarcas, safari or chukka boots) for women, men or children, applying this technique that, besides offering a plus of quality to the products, infuses a trace of originality that makes them special.

Better End Campaign

Thank you for helping us end a ritual that is not

The “Good Way, Better End” campaign has concluded. And we must say that it has been a real success in terms of participation and dissemination. And we must say that it has been a real success in terms of participation and dissemination. From Comarca del Aranda, Tierra de Calzado, we want to thank all the pilgrims, the media, companies and institutions involved in this project for making it a reality.
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