Business Plan Objectives

From our Footwear Business Plan, we want to promote local stores and businesses; and publicize the website of Aranda, Tierra del Calzado, as a common element in the territory, for manufacturers and merchants.

Create synergies between the shoe stores and the rest of the elements of the territory.

Promote footwear as a tourist element of the territory.

Act in the main focus of attraction of visitors.


The Aranda region is a tourist destination that offers a wide variety of activities and landscapes for all tastes and ages, and is a unique opportunity to disconnect and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Learn more about our wonderful region and about ACACTUR, the Association that promotes tourism in our area.


In the Comarca del Aranda (Aragon) resides the knowledge for the manufacture of quality and artisan footwear since the s. XVII we are the witness of many generations of shoemakers.

Get to know our history and our centenary technique of Sewn Billy.


The local merchants of the Aranda region are a fundamental part of the economy and culture of the area, and contribute to the local economy by investing in the community and creating jobs.

Supporting these merchants is one way to ensure that the Aranda region continues to be a prosperous and vibrant place.

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